Viral Lead Generation For Kindle Authors

The Author With The Biggest Mailing List Always Wins


KarmaReads helps you to gather laser targeted email leads to build your fan base
Our platform matches your future fans with free book giveaways to massively increase your readership and drive viral email list growth

I managed to hit over 300 new email leads and more than 400 social media shares within the first 24 hours of launching my KarmaReads campaign! As an author, my forte is writing, not self-promotion. I’m over the moon to have found KarmaReads to take the slog out of marketing and do that daunting part of the job for me.

Arianne Richmonde

USA Today Bestselling Author

The Premise

Out of all the Kindle marketing strategies, giving away a freebie loss leading book as a sales hook (often described as ‘permafree’) is probably one of the most widely adopted for self-published authors. Serialising your work and giving away your first book in a series for free can be a great method to quickly build an active fan base and drive sell through to your follow on books.

Thousands of people can download your free book on Amazon (+B&N, Smashwords, etc.) and you’ll never know who they were and you’ll rarely hear from them again. If you’re lucky they will have loved your work and will go on to purchase your follow on books. Typically, the sell through from a free book to book two is around 2-10% and is usually considerably higher between paid books two to three and so on.

Sadly, the way in which this strategy falls short, is that you never get the opportunity to connect with all those readers who download your book. This is the problem which KarmaReads addresses.

Imagine, if you were able to run your free book giveaway, but at the same time gather the email addresses of every single reader who downloads your book. You’ll be able to rapidly build your fan base and re-engage with them, make announcements about future writing projects, directly and repeatedly promote your books to your very own audience, etc.

Why fire thousands of free copies into the abyss, hoping for the best, when you can still benefit from potential sell throughs while building an avid following of fans with whom you can engage and motivate at any time you wish?

How it works

The KarmaReads platform allows you as an author to create a bespoke landing page for your giveaway book. After paying for the monthly billing package (priced at $37 p/m) you will be led to a form where you can enter all the pertinent information about your book, your author profile and details about your email provider – so that we can link our platform together with your email system. You will also be able to upload cover graphic, author mugshot, and .mobi file for your book.

Once the form is submitted, we’ll then set up your landing page (up to 48 hours delivery time if we have a lot of simultaneous orders) and begin driving targeted Kindle reader traffic to it right away. Typically, you can expect to receive over 300 new email registrations and several hundred organic social media shares for your landing page within the first 24 hours after our initial promotion.

Once a user lands on your landing page, they will be invited to enter their name and email address in order to download your book. They enter their details in the understanding that they will be connecting with you directly as the author and they are met with assurances that they will never be spammed with unwelcome content.  Having completed this action, readers will then land on the thank you page for your book. On the thank you page there is a viral sharing mechanism designed to unlock the download link for your book in exchange for two shares on social media. This helps to explode your reach and gets your book out to a much greater audience via peer-to-peer endorsement. If you want to get a feel for how it works, go through the motions and sign up for one of our live giveaways by clicking HERE.

The Numbers

So how does it all stack up? Why is it worth spending $37 per month to host book giveaways with KarmaReads?

Firstly, your KarmaReads landing page will act as a permanent viral lead funnel to which you can constantly drive traffic and from which you will be generating an ever growing and engaged fan base.

Qualified Kindle reader traffic which arrives on your landing page converts at an average of 20-30% (visits to leads). It will vary between genres and it depends on the quality of your book cover and the persuasiveness of your blurb, etc.

Upon campaign launch, KarmaReads will push your landing page out to our entire BookGrow email subscriber list of Kindle readers (80,000+ subscribers) for free. This will generate up to 1,000 clicks to your landing page in the first 24 hours, and could net you around 300 new subscribers to your own mailing list. So, this works out at the astonishingly cheap cost per lead of $0.12 right off the bat.

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that authors use to try and generate new email leads; either by driving to their own sites with an email form, or by using Facbook’s in-house ‘Lead Ads’ option. Facebook is a great choice due to the ad platform’s targeting capabilities. However, it can be quite taxing on your marketing budget and ROI for email lead generation is not particularly friendly. It typically costs around $2.50 per email lead when all is said and done.

Leaving aside the initial free boost from our BookGrow distribution network, if you were to treat your entire monthly marketing spend for email lead generation as $137 ($37 for KarmaReads and $100 for Facebook ads), you could expect to drive around 500 clicks to your KarmaReads landing page at a well optimised cost per click of $0.20. With the landing pages converting at 30% (150 leads), that would mean you were achieving an ongoing cost per lead of $0.91.

If you were to spend that same $137 just on Facebook ads driving to an email signup form on your own site, that would mean you were only generating 55 leads (at $2.50 per lead) – nearly two thirds less than you’d achieve with KarmaReads.

These are just the bare statistical facts, we haven’t even mentioned the ongoing benefit you get of mass exposure via the viral social sharing function. For every email lead you generate with KarmaReads, you will get on average of 1.01 shares on social media – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Think of all that great free exposure.

In addition, KarmaReads will continuously drive traffic to the Latest Books page of the site, so your books should pick up ongoing exposure for free, even if you aren’t spending external marketing budget to drive to your KarmaReads landing page.


Q. Does my book have to part one of a series to qualify?
A. No. While it obviously makes sense to stick to the permafree strategy to benefit from the potential of ‘sell through’, you don’t have to only list a permafree book or book one of a series. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be normally listed as free. If you wish, you can list any Kindle book.


Q. Can I include a book which is in the KDP Select program?
A. No. It is against Amazon’s T&Cs to do that, so only non KDP Select Kindle books please.


Q. Can I not just link to the book on Amazon rather that giving away the download of my book?
A. No. Due to the way our platform is structured it is necessary to send us the .mobi file for your Kindle book. Once a reader signs up and shares your landing page on social media, they will be emailed a download link for your book.


Q. Can I list more than one book on the KarmaReads platform?
A. Yes. So long as each book is listed as a new campaign, you can set up as many KarmaReads landing page lead funnels as you wish. You just can’t include more than one book in one campaign.


Q. How does the email integration work?
A. The most common email platform authors tend to work with is MailChimp. We can however integrate your campaign with almost any 3rd party mailing list provider. Our backend connects with your mailing list’s API and automatically populates your lists whenever you generate a new lead.


Q. Is the monthly contract with KarmaReads binding?
A. No. You can cancel recurring billing within PayPal at any time if you feel that our service isn’t working for you.


How To Find Your MailChimp API


1. Click your profile name to expand the Account Panel, and choose Account.
2. Click the Extras drop-down menu and choose API keys.
3. Copy an existing API key or click the Create A Key button.
4. Name your key descriptively, so you know what application uses that key.


If you have any more questions that need clarifying before you book a KarmaReads campaign please contact support by clicking HERE.