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True love comes once a lifetime, even if behind the beauty, a monster lingers inside.

After countless eons of lingering in the dark, hedonistic life of vampires, Alexia, the beautiful and deadly queen of the underworld, resurfaces from the shadows to seek her lost love, Samuel. Only issue is, Samuel has no idea what Alexia really is and what she’s been planning. Centuries dabbling with fellow blood drinkers has costed Alexia unforgiving wounds and painful losses.

While Samuel finds himself driven by his heart to mend the deep wounds of his lover, he discovers his queen, Alexia – the vampire queen of the shadows, is in the middle of a cold war with immortals who have controlled mankind from the dawn of civilization, and she isn’t going to run away from it. Even if it costs her life.

This time, Alexia is out for blood…

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About The Author


JEDI REACH aka Jedaiah Ramnarine is an international bestselling author and entrepreneur, born in Trinidad and raised in Miami, Florida.

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Jedi Reach has worked as a producer, film editor, screenwriter and community manager across multiple media platforms. His work includes science, technology, philosophy, romance, scifi, fantasy, superhero, paranormal and experimental cross-genre productions.