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History repeats? In the summer of 1914 a war was brewing in the Balkans. In 2014 it could be the start of another World War, but this time the troubles are not in Serbia, but in Salford, England, and the important person facing assassination is not an Archduke but a Trade Minister from China. Luckily, Salford has Amelia Hartliss, an undercover secret agent with more than enough skills to protect a visiting diplomat and capture the mish-mash of terrorist groups. If only she could protect her heart and stop it getting broken (again) by boyfriend Mickey.

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About The Author

Mike allot

Mike Scantlebury was born in the South West of England, but after learning the limits of his setting and yearning for pastures new, he moved to the North West. Now established in the city of Salford, just across the river from Manchester, he writes Crime Fiction and Mystery Romances, finding more than enough romance and crime in his new home town to keep him occupied, let alone in his own life.