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Former Army Ranger and Afghanistan war vet Scratch Sullivan has adapted well to the zombie apocalypse. Or, as well as can be expected, considering that society has collapsed, the population is decimated, and Scratch hunts monsters for a living.

But when Scratch has to save a town from the undead, he’s faced with a difficult decision. Will he save the monster, or the town? And when monsters are human and humans are monsters, will his decision make him a monster as well?

THEM: Aberration is a 7,700-word novelette in M.D. Massey’s paranormal zombie apocalypse series. If you’re a fan of modern post-apocalyptic classics like World War Z and Day By Day Armageddon, then you’re sure to love spending time killing Z’s with Scratch Sullivan.

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About The Author


M.D. Massey resides in Austin Texas, where he hangs out with his enormous American Bulldog while he writes the kinds of stories that he likes to read.