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Her death is just the start of her journey.

In 7 hours Commander Jordan will be dead. But that is just the start of her odyssey.
Now she has one purpose.
One mission.
Race against time to save the human race.

Why would she abandon everyone she loves?
How can she die and still complete her mission?

“I haven’t read anything quite like that before. Very bittersweet (like life, I like it).”

“Brilliant. Very imaginative but very believable.”

“Great plot, very original.”

“The ending was great. I liked the character enough by this point to be engaged with her emotions, and the enormity of events.”

“The main character is great. I think she is very sympathetic, and understandable.”

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About The Author

Craig Lea Gordon-0163-2

I fell in love with sci-fi when I was six, watching Battle of the Planets on a Saturday morning. I still remember crying my heart out when it was displaced by Metal Mickey. It wasn’t until later that I got into reading. The Game Players of Titan by Philip K. Dick was the first sci-fi book that I read, and I must have been about 9. I read quite wide when I was a kid, but nowadays I exclusively read sci-fi.

And now, I love creating stories that offer terrifying glimpses into a possible future. And particularly ones with lots of twists and turns on the way.

Technology features heavily in all my work, and asks questions about how it will affect our lives. For the better? Or for the worse?