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Enigmatic Maximus Aurelius Moore, aka Hard-Core, a military officer and a secret venture capitalist, is sent to Vegas to check out a business opportunity, a stripper known as Seary (Siri Wright). When the callous playboy sees her performance, he is stunned. For the first time in his life, he feels…scorched and wants her, but she is untouchable!

Siri’s Saga begins here with undeniable lust, but this sexy, sizzlin’ romance series between Maximus Aurelius Moore, who has secrets he shares with no one, and Siri Wright, who has secrets she hides from the rest of the world, is an unexpected wild journey of lust and love. Undeniable, the prologue, is scorching! Untouchable is explosive! Unstoppable is dangerous! Undone is courageous!

Everyone has secrets. Some are better at hiding them.

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About The Author

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Jessika Klide writes wild, sizzlin’ hot romance that gets a little down and dirty, but that only keeps you burning up the pages as you experience her naughtiness in all the right places, and enjoy the ride with more than a few happy endings in her tales of true love. Be prepared. Panty-less is the only way to read her stories.