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Legendary soldier Poison begins her career at Sigma Squad, an elite squad of assassins whose task is the termination of high priority targets. During her newest mission, Poison learns the terrible truths of Sigma Squad, and their role in the conflict that’s devastated millions. If that wasn’t enough, a mystery figure enters the fold with an agenda of his own, and Poison learns that millions more lives may rest squarely on her shoulders. Will she complete her mission and save the people? Or will she crumble beneath the weight of this crucial operation?

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About The Author


A child of the melting pot of culture we call the internet, Daniel encountered a vast array of people and experiences through his time spent in the digital world. These countless meetings gave him deep insight into the psychology of those he met.

Born in the heartland of the USA, his upbringing in all things gaming gave him a unique imagination into fantastical and diverse worlds. He is fascinated with humanity’s endless potential. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, he believes that we as a species have the power to move forward to a better tomorrow. His writing blends sci-fi and fantasy into distinct worlds that peak imagination.